Community and Civic Leaders Support Markus Batchelor for DC Council At-Large

A city (or campaign) for all of us isn’t built on big donors or connections to special interests — they’re built on the effort of ordinary people ready to do extraordinary things.‬

That’s why we’re proud to have the support of Washingtonians from all 8 wards uplifting their communities and fighting for a city that works for all of us. I’m honored and excited to work alongside them to not only win the next election, but to win our city’s future.

This group represents a broad array of activists, advocates, organizers, and elected leaders with deep connections to our communities, already doing the critical work needed to tackle our city’s toughest issues.

We said from the start that we’d work to build a citywide coalition around our citywide vision. We set out to prove to the naysayers that a people-powered campaign — focused more on those ideals that unite us than on those things used to divide us, and built from the grassroots — could win. These leaders and the many others like you who’ve pledged your support will help us achieve that vision in November and will fundamentally change the way government serves our communities.

Join our team. Email us at and add your name to our list of grassroots endorsements. Endorsements will be added to this post on a rolling basis. Come back to see the new members of our citywide coalition!

Grassroots, Labor, and National Organizations

The Washington Teachers’ Union

People for the American Way’s Next Up Victory Fund

United We Dream Action

DC’s Elected Leaders

Commissioner Salim Adofo | ANC 8C07, NAACP Criminal Justice Chair (Ward 8)

Rev. Dr. E. Gail Anderson Holness | Democratic State Committeewoman (Ward 1)

Hon. Nathan Bennett-Fleming | Former United States Representative (Ward 8)

Commissioner Monique Diop | Vice Chair, ANC8D (Ward 8)

Tony Donaldson | Fmr. Democratic State Committeeman (Ward 3)

Commissioner Yolanda Fields | ANC 7E07 (Ward 7)

J’Ta Freeman | Youth Mayor of the District of Columbia (Ward 7)

Rep. Emily Gasoi | Ward 1 Representative, DC State Board of Education (Ward 1)

Commissioner Darrell Gaston | ANC 8B04 (Ward 8)

Commissioner James Harnett | Chair, ANC 2A (Ward 2)

Commissioner Tyrell Holcomb | Chair, ANC 7F (Ward 7)

Tiye Kinlow | At-Large Democratic State Committeewoman (Ward 7)

Wanda Lockridge | Democratic State Committeewoman (Ward 8)

Stephanie Maltz | Former 3-term ANC Commissioner, 2B03 (Ward 3)

Elizabeth Mitchell | Democratic State Committeewoman; Vice Chair, Ward 3 Democrats (Ward 3)

Pranav Nanda | Education advocate and ANC candidate (Ward 6)

Rep. Frazier O’Leary | Ward 4 Representative, DC State Board of Education (Ward 4)

Commissioner Regina Pixley | ANC 8C04; Democratic State Committeewoman (Ward 8)

Monica Roaché | Democratic State Committeewoman; Former ANC Commissioner (Ward 2)

Commissioner Betty Scippio | ANC 8B05 (Ward 8)

Laura Slover | Former President and Ward 3 Representative, DC State Board of Education (Ward 3)

Rep. Ruth Wattenberg | Ward 3 Representative, DC State Board of Education (Ward 3)

Hon. Joe Weedon | Fmr. Ward 6 Representative, DC State Board of Education (Ward 6)

Community and Civic Leaders

Diallo Brooks | Social Justice Activist (Ward 5)

Tom Brown | Fmr National Teacher of the Year, Non-Profit Leader (Ward 7)

Sheila Bunn | Corresponding Secretary, Ward 8 Democrats; Vice President, Bellevue Neighborhood Citizens Association (Ward 8)

Charlotte Clymer | Writer; LGBTQ Activist

Maurice Cook | Founder & Executive Director, Serve Your City (Ward 6)

Christian Damiana | Candidate, ANC 3D07 (Ward 3)

Tricia Duncan | President, Palisades Community Association (Ward 3)

Robb Dooling | Activist and Advocate; Candidate for ANC 6A06

Matthew Frumin | Founder, Coalition for DC Public Schools and Communities (Ward 3)

Brandon Frye | VP of Finance, DC Young Democrats (Ward 2)

Scott Goldstein | Education Advocate & Activist (Ward 4)

Rachel Gorlin | Community Advocate (Ward 4)

Michael Grier | President, Ward 8 Education Council (Ward 8)

Angel Henriquez | Student Activist (Ward 5)

Christian Herr | Educator and Founding Member, DC Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (Ward 1)

Ty Hobson-Powell | Activist and Community Advocate (Ward 4)

Grace Hu | Parent and Digital Equity Advocate (Ward 6)

Kemry Hughes, II | Activist and Former Youth Mayor of the District of Columbia (Ward 8)

Karin Perkins | Member and Former Chair, Wilson High School LSAT (Ward 3)

Ty Hobson Powell | Co-Founder, Concerned Citizens DC (Ward 4)

Cathy Reilly | Executive Director & Co-Founder, Senior High Alliance of Parents, Principals and Educators (Ward 4)

Alik Schier | Student Activist and Leader, Vote 16 Campaign (Ward 1)

Furard Tate | Business Owner, Job Developer and Co-Founder, DMV Black Restaurant Week

Mysiki Valentine | Activist & Transportation Advocate (Ward 7)

Patrick Walker | Pastor, The New Macedonia Baptist Church (Ward 7)

Kenneth Ward | Executive Director, College Bound (Ward 6)

Eric Weaver | Founder and Chairman, National Association for the Advancement of Returning Citizens (Ward 8)

Salih “Bootsy Vegas” Williams | Radio Personality, Educator and Youth Advocate (Ward 7)

Elected Leaders from Across the Region

Raaheela Ahmed | Member, Prince George’s County Board of Education (Prince George’s County, MD)

Dr. Wes Bellamy | Former Vice Mayor (Charlottesville, VA)

Edward Burroughs III | Vice Chair, Prince George’s County Board of Education (Prince George’s County, MD)

Kristerfer Burnett | City Councilman (Baltimore, MD)

John Taylor Chapman | City Councilman (Alexandria, VA)

Nick Charles II | Maryland House of Delegates, District 25 (Prince George’s County, MD)

Candace Hollingsworth | Mayor (Hyattsville, MD)

Jazz Lewis | Maryland House of Delegates, District 24 (Prince George’s County, MD)

Shireka McCarthy | At-Large Councilmember (Seat Pleasant, MD)

Johnathan Medlock | Mayor (District Heights, MD)

Stephanie Morales | Commonwealths Attorney (Portsmouth, VA)

Nick Mosby | Maryland House of Delegates, District 40 and Democratic Nominee for Council President (Baltimore, MD)

David Murray | Member, Prince George’s County Board of Education (Prince George’s County, MD)

Brandon Scott | Council President and Democratic Nominee for Mayor (Baltimore, MD)

Tamara Shewmake | School Board Member (Portsmouth, VA)

Joseph Solomon | Councilmember (Hyattsville, MD)

Erica Spell Wolf | Councilmember (Hyattsville, MD)

Joshua Thomas | Member, Prince George’s County Board of Education (Prince George’s County, MD)

Progressive Leaders Across the Nation

Mondaire Jones | Democratic Nomineee for Congress, NY-17

Michael D. Tubbs | Mayor, Stockton CA

Candidate for DC Council At-Large. Advocate, Activist, State Board of Education Vice President. Working for a DC that Works for All of Us. Text MARKUS to 31996

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